September reads…

October 4, 2015


This month I have read two books alongside my copious amounts of magazines!  The first was Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce, a tale about a family member who disappears and returns 20 years later.  She has been living with the fairies but they aren’t quite who we mythologise them to be, behave in quite a naughty fashion and aren’t particularly happy when someone leaves.  The writer is very clever in changing your ideas about fairies and this creates a jarring effect that reflects what the characters in the book are experiencing.  I found this book to be very strange and uncomfortable at times so not sure if I would recommend it.  

The second book I read was Without You, There is No Us by Suki Kim.  I found this book very interesting as Suki recalls her recent year of teaching elite children in North Korea at a time when there was a leadership change.  Suki tells the story in a neutral storyline and talks honestly about her conflict of wanting to educate her students on the real world vs telling them too much which could get them killed.  I would encourage you to read this book even if you aren’t interested in North Korea as it is an easy and informative read.

Happy reading!



PS I’m setting up a .com and moving everything to wordpress over the next month.  I’m doing it myself and learning as I go!  So if you lose me here suddenly I will be at!


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