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October 18, 2015


When I was at Farehealthy I came across a booklet for the MindfulChef.  Not only was it full of awesome quick and healthy dinner ideas it also advertised a meal box service.  I’ve previously been a fan of HelloFresh and subscribed to their meal boxes for over 6 months but my change to the paleo lifestyle meant I had to stop.

What I love about this type of service is the variety of meals I get to have and the new cooking skills I acquire.  Sure there is an element of convenience, with everything measured for you and delivered to your door, but this was secondary.  My main reason for continuing with a service like this is that I found over the months my confidence as a cook grew and I know I can now18 tackle anything in the kitchen.

The MindfulChef is a delivery of nutritious, seasonal recipes that omit any pasta, white rice and bread.  They work with farms in Devon for the meat and vegetables that are selected on a Friday, boxed and delivered to you on Sunday or Monday.  Unlike other delivery services MindfulChef has boxes for one (£24), perfect if you are single or your other half is away, or you can still order or chose your box for two (£48).

My box arrived on Sunday at 6pm and I decided to cook the Beef Massaman because I thought it was take the longest.  OMG, words can not describe to you the ease at which I made this or the deliciousness of the meal and it was done in 20minutes!  Within the box each meals ingredients were packaged together and the meat was wrapped in a wool ice bag to keep it fresh.  I’ve had to travel for work this week so it made sense to pause my subscription but I’ve already reactivated for next weeks recipes!  All the recipes are easy to replicate and I’m hunting down a little binder to keep them in.

Have you used a meal delivery service? What did you like about it?

PF xoxo

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