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October 14, 2015

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The best bit about living in London is there are plenty of free places to go and enjoy yourself.  Recently I have had two friends, T&K move over from Australia and I am loving having some other keen beans to do different adventures with!

I had always had Richmond Park on my to do list thanks to the famous labrador Fenton!  Probably due to laziness I had never made it over to the park as it’s on the other side of London and you have to take the slowest tube line.  Ha ha anyway T gave me the push I needed and on a bright and sunny Sunday we headed to the famous park to stalk some deer.

The village of Richmond is beautiful with an abundance of red brick houses, #housegoals, and there are sooo many shops.  I really want to go back and so a post about that but we pushed on as the park was the main goal.  I had a dance class in the morning so we were arriving early afternoon and popped into the Roebuck for a pub lunch that was serving yummy roasts and patroned by a good mix of locals and tourists.  Heading back out before the food coma hit, we walked the last mile to the park and went into the gated area where King Henry’s mound is surrounded by cottage gardens.  The best bit here is that on a clear day, which we experienced, you can see St Paul’s through a protected skyline and then use the telescope to see more detail.  Unlike other tourists areas you don’t have to pay for the telescope!

Leaving this gated area we headed towards the open fields to do some deer spotting.  Initially the dear were a bit elusive and we thought we wouldn’t see any of the 700+ in the park.  Then quite suddenly we heard the sound of the males calling the females as it is currently breeding season and there are lots of harems forming and territories to be fought for!  We witnessed a photographer being chased, an older male fighting with two young males and plenty of females grazing casually not bothered by all the fuss!

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to visit the park and it is only a 20min walk from the station.  Take your camera and a slow walking pace to really enjoy what this part of London has to offer.

What is your favourite London park to visit?  I need another for my list!

PF xo

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