Tips for New York…

September 14, 2015

I’m very lucky and this past week and a half I have lived in New York whilst working for one of my clients.  This is not a normal state of affairs and rarely happens so I have lived it up as much as I can!

I have a great post coming up on the things that I have tried here in NY and how to replicate them in London.  As I put the finishing touches on this here are my tips for when you are in New York.

Tip 1
This seems obvious and everyone seems to know it but you must tip!  I am surprised to overhear so many conversations in restaurants where tourists are refusing to tip.  People you know that it is a cultural norm here, that people rely on these tips to live so just do it!  Not sure how much?  Rule of thumb do +20% and don’t forget to leave housekeeping $2-$4 per day as the staff rotate so don’t leave it until the end.

Tip 2
The doors open out towards the sidewalk and often don’t have push or pull signs on them!  So if you are trying to look local remember when you are leaving the door goes away from you and when you arrive to pull it towards you!

Tip 3
You’ll want to shop and my tip here is only buy American brands.  They are really cheap here but anything European or Asian typically is more expensive due to imports taxes.  So say yes to MAC makeup, Victoria’s Secret underwear and Steve Madden shoes but no to Louis Vuitton or Hermes!

Tip 4
Catch the subway and if like me you are here for a week get a 7 day ticket.  The way the ticket works is that black stripe faces you when you swipe it through!  Try and remember this so you don’t end up with grumpy New Yorkers behind you like I did the first couple of times!

Have a great week


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