Things to do in London – cheap tickets to Miss Saigon and dinner at Wahaca…

September 6, 2015
Last weekend some of my favourite people in the world arrived to live in London.  I am sooo excited!  These two are ‘yes’ people and I know that I will have many +1 invitations and fun things to do.  Catching up with them reminded me of how much I love living in London and all the great things like frequent trains, supermarkets everywhere, heaps of theatre shows and places to explore.

What started out as a possible early lunch date turned into a drink in a pub, early dinner at Wahaca and catching Miss Saigon to finish the evening.

Have you ever been to the Wahaca on Wardour Street?  If you ever do make sure you use the bathrooms!  We all went at separate times and all had the same reaction!  I don’t want to give anything away but they are really well designed and interesting to use.

Miss Saigon was a wonderful show and it you want to see it go quick as it finishes early 2016 in London.  I had seen one scene at the Royal Variety show which was all about The American Dream and the costumes were fantastic.  The show is very sexual and has a 12+ rating although I would have thought it should be a bit higher given the very graphic dancing in the opening scene.  Maybe I am just getting old!!

Thanks to my fresh eyed friends we got seats really close to the stage.  I haven’t been that close to the stage seat wise for ages as I normally book ahead and can only afford the levels above.  Nothing wrong with this but we all know the shows are really staged and directed for the front row audience so it is nice to see everything from this perspective.  So how did we get these great tickets?  One of my friends went to the TSTK booth the morning of the show, stood in line for a few minutes and got us great seats.  Easy!


Hope you are having a lovely weekend.



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