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September 26, 2015

Apologies this post has been delayed as I have been in the deepest, darkest Wales and there was limited to no signal on phones or wi-fi (which was really relaxing).  Everything is back to normal tomorrow!

Last weekend I attended Kirstie’s Handmade Fair to engage my inner crafty and see all the lovely modern craft that can be done.

Like last year it was held at the beautiful Hampton Court Palace.  I have a red brick addiction and wondering the grounds of this palace is like my catnip!

I had bought an entry ticket which included two workshops and a talk so my first port of call was calligraphy learning with Claire Gould who was a patient and enthusiastic teacher.  I’s always thought this craft was hard and very technical and this couldn’t be further from the truth.  With our fresh nib in hand, which we prepped by stabbing it into a potato (!), we were away making lines and shapes.  Once you used the pen as a tool rather then a pen (trust me!) the process was quite easy and all of a sudden I was a calligrapher!  We were encouraged to do letters and I jumped ahead writing lines from nursery rhymes!   I really enjoyed this craft and hope to keep practicing in the future.

My second session was a speedy one to learn how to make a ric rack rose with Jane Means.  A lovely simple ribbon rose that punches it weight and has many uses as a decoration.

Lastly I attended a talk by Poppys Papercuts where Poppy was joined by Kirstie.  So exciting!!!  As Poppy and Kirstie cut out masks for a Halloween party they told us some lovely stories about themselves, papercutting and some tidbits from behind the scenes of the Kirsties craft show.  The best bit is  Poppy has put all the templates online including an awesome horoscopes one she did in hands on workshops.

If you missed out on the fair this year sign up so you get a newsletter about it next year. They don’t send many emails so you won’t get spammed!  As well as workshops they have two large tents full of pretty bits to buy and lots of food vans to keep you tummy full.

Pictures are on my Instagram feed!

PF xo

PS There is going to be a Christmas Fair in Manchester check it out!

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