Build a Terrarium with Heals…

September 20, 2015

After my trip to NY I have been a little poorly with a mean little bug who hovers in my tummy and likes to kick me in the stomach when I eat or drink anything.  He is not a nice guy and I have been resting over the weekend.

I was going to post a short message to say I was unwell and because I had cancelled my weekend had nothing to post about.  Sad times!  BUT I was going through my photos last night, deleting all sorts of shenanigans captured on film in preparation for a week in Wales when I saw my photos from building a Terrarium at Heals.  This was one of the most fun and satisfying courses I have done so whilst I did it a few months ago I thought ‘what the heck’ I will talk about that!

The great thing is that Heals still do these workshops that are run by London Terrariums, Emma and Tom, a lovely pair who take everyone through the history of these magical jars.  Essentially without taking away their thunder the Terrarium was a discovery that allowed horticulturists to transport plants from one side of the world to the other which was revolutionary at the time.

Over time Terrariums have come in and out of fashion and at their height the Victorians (who always seem to take things to extremes I have noticed) even made ones that were as big as people!  There are two kinds, closed and open, but to be honest I think the closed versions are the best as they live by themselves without help and create a little ecosystem.

The session itself went for an hour and we learnt very quickly how to make the little world of our dreams.  It is really key to use the correct ingredients and not skip any steps otherwise the ecosystem can collapse and your plants pass away.

At the time when I did the course they offered to reduce the price if you bought your own vessel.  Given I have an entire cupboard of jars (don’t ask!) this was perfect and it was lovely to see all the different jars on display.

I’ve booked into an advanced glass now with the intention of giving the Terrarium as a gift to some friends who I know will love it.

Happy weekend everyone

PS I just remembered as I added the photos that the feeling of playing with dirt and charcoal in the pristine Heals made me giddy like a naughty child!








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