Off to join the circus…

August 26, 2015

I’m always up for learning new things and taking on a challenge so when I saw a poster for Gorilla Circus and their flying trapeze I thought why not.  Inspired by Carrie in Sex and the City surely it would be a great two hours of fun and laughs…

Ha famous last words.  It was completely terrifying, I cried and had my eyes closed each time I swung!  Turns out I have trust issues!!!

Not one to give up I ventured back again last week and now knowing what to expect I was a lot calmer.  There were still nerves climbing up the ladder but this time my eyes were open and I was able to get my timing right.

So this meant I did the catch!  It was the most fun I have had in a long time and I felt so alive for ages afterwards.  I now understand why people want to run away and join the circus.

Gorilla Circus are currently in London parks but move to an indoor Greenwich address over winter. Don’t despair if you look and the timeslots are booked out as they only release one month at a time.

Here are my tips;

  • Wear long leggings.  One of the ladies was wearing shorts and her legs were all beaten up!
  • The ladder you climb wobbles and makes noises but is really secure!
  • The bar is much heavier then you think to give you momentum
  • You have to jump.  Nothing happens until you go and your mind is probably telling you not to but you just have to jump!
  • If something goes wrong the guy on the harness will catch you and you get to fly like superman!

Happy flying!!!



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