No more Annie Curls…

October 12, 2014

GHD have brought out new curling tools and are currently offering sessions at Selfridges to get your hair curled.

First off, love this brands straighteners and watched with excitement when they launched their blowdyer. My Toni and Guy one is still going strong so no updates in this department.

But the curler. Oh my! Whenever I curl my hair with tongs or the GHD’s it’s just an Annie moment in the making. I am sooooo jealous of all those girls who have their curls down pat.

So when an email came through offering a free 15 minute session I was there. After a crazy pilates session (I thought it was meant to be relaxing!) I headed through the crowds of Oxford Street to my destination.

I did go via The Detox Kitchen for lunch. I had read heaps online about this place and it def lived up to the hype. The food was fresh, healthy and delicious. Price wise it wasn’t that much more than a Pret or Eat. I also tried The Pressery’s Almond Cacao milk. I was hoping for a substitute chocolate milk drink but it really wasn’t for me. A bit bitter and dark chocolatey tasting. Oh well!

When I got to Selfridges it took a few minutes to find the counter. The place was buzzing and I didn’t realise you could get so much done in the beauty section, blowdrys, eyebrows, massage and facials. All out in the open which I am not a fan of!

The girl (I forget her name – opps!) at  the GHD counter was lovely and sectioned half my hair doing one side. Then I attempted the other side. She was really encouraging and I know it would be something I would need to practise. We used the GHD soft curl tongs.

So here is the end result and I was soooo happy.  Cue dodgy mobile photos!

The curlers are currently sold out. Great marketing ploy before Christmas. 😉 So if you want them get on the waitlist now!

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