We went on holidays!!!

September 14, 2014

T and I headed on an early flight to Venice with BA, one of my favourite airlines, for a two week tour around Italy. The start was particularly fun as I had used some air miles to book us in business class! Very fancy and we loved the special attention at the start of our trip.

I’ve always been a fan of Mr and Mrs Smith and was delighted to find an option for Venice in our price range. We stayed at DD74 ‘The Charming House’. The room overlooked the canals, the boutique hotel itself was easy to get to and they even gave us complimentary tickets to The Guggenheim.

We stayed two days in Venice, enjoyed wandering the alleyways and seeing the sights.

Top tips;

  • Gondola’s can be taken at The Grand Canal but try to hold off and patron one from the alleyways. You’ll see more of the smaller canals and won’t find your trip eaten up by the navigation of The Grand Canal.
  • Everyone walks on the right! It makes for an easy pilgrimage through the city.  Venice is very walkable. There are the bridges to go up and over, these add to the charm. I am hoping to take my grandmothers in a year of so when she will be in her 80’s.
  • You could walk Venice in a day easily but if you can add a second night to relax and indulge yourself.







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