This weekend was one of making…

September 21, 2014

This weekend I ventured to the other side of London and out to Hampton Court Palace in Surrey for The Handmade Fair run by Kirstie Allsopp.

I had booked this ticket quite some time ago and was looking forward to the sessions where you learnt to make various crafts.  I chose to watch a mash up between my favourite sewer Lisa Comfort and unknown to me Benjamin Wilson.  They were both challenged to transform a white tshirt and at the same time entertain the crowd.  Both were hilarious and Lisa won with her tshirt that she turned into a dress.

My other two sessions were pom pom making.  I learnt how to use the new age pom pom makers for wool.  Previously I was old school and cut out two pieces of card to do this!  I also learnt to make tissue paper pom poms which are so much fun and really decorative.  They are really popular at weddings and other celebrations and I look forward to using these new skills for some of my friends.

There were lots of different stalls and the ones I loved were London Craft Club that teaches you amongst other things how to arm knit!  Sounds awesome!!  I love a Made in Britain story and Multipomis a device that allows you to make up to 20 pompoms at a time.  Gathered is a subscription box that sends you lovely made craft pieces.  And my absolute favourite was Kate Tulett and her textile art.  I found this really inspirational as this is the type of work I want to try one day.

As I left I was able to wander the grounds of the palace and they even had Shire horses taking people for rides around the grounds.  These horses are beautiful with their white socks and huge stature.  Despite their towing over me both were very friendly and nuzzled into anyone who wanted to say hello.

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