I love it when a Mime sings…

August 19, 2014

The Black Cat Cabaret is on and I saw the show last Friday.  It is a great night out for you and friends.  Located in The London Wonderground nr Southbank the whole area is a treat for a night out.

We had some pre drinks at home whilst doing our hair.  I opted for curls that lasted all weekend, JOY!

After a few nibbles we headed to Southbank and looked at the stalls, bars and food market set up for summer.  The Wonderground itself is free to go in and you really should.  It has two bars with dodgem car seating or a bar located on a slowly rotating carousal!   There are a couple of rides too and of course the Spiegel tent that The Black Cat Cabaret is performing in.

I love the old Spiegel tents with their cosiness and ability to showcase a great show.  The performance was highly entertaining.  Everything from burlesque, magic, hula hoops and my favourite was the mime. 

No photos again.  You are allowed to take them but I chose to be present in the moment instead.

If you can’t get tickets the Wonderland version, The Black Cat Cabaret also do a night with dinner here.

Tip for the Wonderland version.  Everyone starts lining up around 9pm and best to get in line so that you can get a great seat.  We sat in a row that was halfway back and on the first platform so we were raised above everyone else.

Happy long weekend everyone…




PF x


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