Bank Holiday Laziness…

August 25, 2014

A long weekend beckoned and surprisingly because of an upcoming two week break I had three days to fill.  I quickly put in dinner with D&P. 

D is about to turn 40 and this dinner was to celebrate this as well as T’s farewell from London.

I find coming up with birthday presents a challenge and always want to make sure it is personal with thought.  So what I do during the year is make note on my phone of items and their origin so when the time comes I have a ready list to choose from.  This is especially good for my dad who is more about quality then quantity.

For D he is celebrating his birthday with family by hiring out a house in Wales.  Perfect!  I gave him a collection of giant garden games including Skittles and Quiots.  He and P are taking them to the house in Wales and then will have them for their own garden in the future.

As well as a bit of a clean out at home T and I went to see Hector and The Search for Happiness.  I love British comedy and this was a great feel good movie.  There was a particular heart wrenching moment but it all worked out in the end!

If you are in London consider seeing your movie at GreenwichPicturehouse or associated venues.  They have a great independent feel to them and are small cosy screeninig rooms.  Stephen Fry is going to do a live broadcast on the 1st October and if I didn’t already have plans I would be there.



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