Lovely Jubbly…

September 15, 2013

I was very spoilt for my birthday and as ever I asked for a course.  This time around it was something at Jamie Oliver’s Recipese School.

Quite fitting my family decided that it should be a pasta course.  I def took the hint.  Last year for a major birthday they all put in for KitchenAid mixer and pasta kit.  The mixer is well used, the pasta kit, well it’s still in the box!

So a Saturday ago I trotted to Notting Hill for a Pasta lesson in the middle of the store!  It was a bit full on at the start trying to concentrate on the teacher as I am a huge people watcher but soon enough I had to concentrate.


They also have these great lockers where you can put your bag.  There was a bit of misunderstanding my end re the free drink so I got water but others had wine, beer or juice!  Aprons are supplied which is fantastic so you can wipe you hands on it and feel like a real chef.

Our teacher was Jimmy and he showed us how a basic pasta recipe that just requires egg and flour!  It made me rethink what must be in our food from supermarkets if these are meant to be the only two ingredients.

The biggest tip here I got was that if we want to add something to the pasta, eg beetroot then we have to take some of the white egg out.  You have to keep the same amount of liquid the whole time.  This flipped a switch for me esp when it comes to cakes and made so much sense.

Once we had mixed and kneaded the mixture we let it rest.  From here we put it thought the pasta machine which was heaps of fun and made all sorts of pasta styles.


Then really quickly Jimmy demo’d two sauces including a lovely creamy mushroom.  Mmmmmm!  A quick few minutes of our pasta in boiling water and fresh, sauteed tomatoes and we were all sitting down to eat.



My only thing was that I felt there was a lot of pressure to finish the lesson, it felt quite rushed.  When we ended I noted that technically there was another 15minutes we could have had.  Also we weren’t sure that the lesson had ended.  Some people had been given bags to take their pasta away, others hadn’t.  We figured it out when Jimmy disappeared and someone else came out to clean up!  Otherwise I had a great time and am already looking to book another lesson.

It makes a great day out as well as T met up with me and we had lunch upstairs in the restaurant.  From here we ventured through the tourist throng to Portobello road and mentally spent our rent money on opera glasses and silver letter openers!


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