For the love of Liberty…

September 22, 2013

I love Liberty.  The store is soooo cute, inside and out.  Staff are lovely and there are so many dreamy things in it to buy.

But let’s face it lots of the things are very expensive!  However their facebook page is free and they love to blog about different collaborations which is always interesting.

Then it happened.  Last week they posted about their relaunch of The Ultimate Beauty Gift.  A liberty wash bag stuffed with 22 products, good size samples from various brands.

The wash bag, Aesop conditioner and diptyque candle first caught my eye.  You had to spend £150 to get the gift and here is the thing, I was planning on buying a few more Aesop bits in a month or so.

Hmmmm so I weighed up what I was going to buy, total £177 and skipped down to Liberty at lunchtime to make the purchase.

To get this great gift you also had to sign up to the Liberty loyalty card.  I am cautious about signing up to these things but after some research it appears that this loyalty card is going to add value in my life.  Not only being rewarded for spending on products I normally buy (Aesop and Diptyque) but also invites to special events and beautifully crafted annual magazines.

So I signed up online and headed to the store.  I stayed focused and only got the products on my list!  When we went to process everything through though the loyalty card didn’t work.  Turns out something went wrong with the connection (probably too many people signing up!) and I had to sign up in store.  This turned out to be an unexpected bonus as I now have a spend £100 get £15 off voucher.  Perfect as my Nana loves the wash bag and I need (!) something else from Aesop plus something for T for Christmas.

I was so excited heading back through town not only with my Aesop purchase but a Liberty bag full of delicious treats.

Oh my!!!

I have used some of the products as gifts which has gone down well and am already burning my mini candle.  It was great value for money and I am very pleased.  I will be purchasing my products from Liberty now as it is well worth building up the rewards.

Oh and Liberty know how to keep you with them.  I just received another voucher, spend £150 and get £30 off by Christmas Eve.  Guess where all my presents are coming from? Well T does love their fabric!

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