Cutting corners…

August 11, 2013

There are so many things on my to do list of life and I like to cut corners where I can on the bland things.  For example when I first moved to the UK it became clear that lots of people have cleaners.  They are part of life here and quite affordable.  This compares to Australia where a cleaner is around four times the cost per hour and considered a massive, secretive luxury.

Fortunately I found a great cleaner through some friends but I still only get her to come over fortnightly as I am still at odds with the service!  However I am not going to lie, I love the day that she comes and it really helps to allow me to do the other things in life I love.

To this point I have also started to get into grocery boxes being delivered.  The one I am liking the best is Hello Fresh which delivers on a Tuesday or Thursday.  I have been receiving these deliveries since I chanced on a voucher for a half price box and haven’t looked back.

Each box is delivered with ice packs so the meat/fish stays fresh and everything you need to make three meals for two.  Where they can Hello Fresh source from UK suppliers and we love the vegetables and measured pasta, cheese and spices.

This week the recipe was for Mexican burritos.  All the details on cooking are on the recipe cards and everything can be made in 30minutes.  In fact we find it often takes less time.

Tip – read the recipe before starting because sometimes you can cut more corners and save time by multitasking.

Pulling out all the supplies for this recipe is easy.

I prep all the ingredients and for blog purposes put everything in bowls!!

After mixing, cooking and putting together we had this delicious dinner to eat.

What services do you use to cut corners in your busy life?  Do you do grocery boxes too?

Hello Fresh don’t know we have written this and we don’t get anything free from them.  However once you have had a certain number of boxes from them they automatically start rewarding you!  We love our oils and balsamic vinegar that we keep getting.


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