Handmade London…

June 16, 2013

There have been lots of things on the calender this past couple of weeks so here is some sharing.

T and I went to Handmade London for one of their £10 mystery classes.  This is a great chance to try a craft in an hour after work and still get home in time for Game of Thrones!

When we arrived we got a great fruit cocktail and hung our coats away to join everyone at a large table.  Once everyone had settled in we were told what we were up to and got started.

Two lovely ladies took us through a craft where we learnt to sew our own notebooks and then do some foam stencil printing.

Their set up is a great two level space where the main activity is upstairs and plenty of sewing machines are downstairs.

Half the group went downstairs and sewed their notebooks together.  This is something that I had seen but hadn’t tried yet as I was a little bit hesistant.  It was dead easy and we finished in no time.

Next we learnt about sticky foam and how we can cut it out to make a stamp.  From here we designed our patterns and used different inks to customised our notebooks.

It was heaps of fun and really appealed to me being only an hour long.

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