Speak French!!!

May 12, 2013

Last long weekend T and I went to Paris as part of our mission to make the most of our current location and to see more of Europe.

Both of us had been before, but not for years and not in Spring.  The weather was with us the entire time and I might have even turned a darker shade of white!

We arrived via Eurostar which is the best way to travel around midday on Saturday and located our hotel only a few minutes walk away.  I love going to countries where I don’t speak the language fluently as it is so easy to block out any other talk and just stay in my own stressfree bubble!

Once checked in we were off straight away to Old Les Halles Market to do a tour with Paris Walks.  This is a great company I often tour with in London and remembered they had a Parisian offshoot.  It was a fantastic foodie tour that included Julie Child’s favourite supply shop, great French produce and lots of independent gift boutiques along the way.

Our most favourite bit was Stohrer and the beautiful patisserie.  My rusty french came into play when the man behind the counter demanded I ‘SPEAK FRENCH’.  It came back to me and we left with a chocolate eclair and raspberry tart.  So yummy!

We also chanced upon La Droguerie Haberdashery and fell in love with the millions of possibilities to add to our crafting collection.  Rows upon rows of ribbon, so much yarn you could knit for the Olympics and beautiful fabric for summer dresses.

Once we had spent enough to sink our holiday budget we ventured to Passage du Grand Cerf full of independent shops and the cutest florist.

On Sunday most shops are closed in France so we went for a walk around the Eiffel Tower towards St Germain.  Ending up at the Musee Rodin that has free entry every Sunday (score!) and spying on The Thinker.  He’s our favourite ‘character’ from Night at the Museum and sites in the beautiful gardens of the museum.

As we left on Monday full of fresh produce and as many croissants that wheat intolerant people can handle we couldn’t help but wish we lived in the beautiful city of France.

Paris Walks can be found here and many don’t require bookings

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