It’s all Greek to me!!!

May 19, 2013

Just spent a few days in Greece thanks to work and had a great time.  The weather was amazing and the people are lovely.

We stayed at Fresh Hotel that is part of the Design Hotels group.  It has a number of gallery spaces throughout, some crazy pigeon images in the lifts and a great roof terrace/pool area.  I will be honest, the area is not the best.  Every Greek person told me to be very careful in the area.  Daytime is fine, night time you should use cabs.  Not a problem given they are soooo cheap.

The hotel is very near the Acropolis so when there was a few hours free we made our way there for a quick scout around.  It was a great building and the Greeks are doing a lot of restoration to ensure it is here for many generations.  We ran out of time to go to the museum but my local contact def recommends it.



Back in the main square we had drinks whilst watching the interesting people of Greece.  I think the lack of money has brought out the crazy in some of them!

The best part was all the local restaurants just a few streets back from the square that none of the tourists go to.  There is always someone who can speak English and translate the menu and the food is fresh and cheap.

I also discovered Korres, a Greek, organic, natural product brand.  There were samples in the hotel which we all used lavishingly and stole more from the trolleys.  It can then also be found in the local pharmacies and even in some shops at the airport.  There was a real feeling of pureness and it lacks the soap smell which I am more and more avoiding these days.

I am def going back next year for a holiday and will add in the islands too.

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