Measure once, cut twice…

April 21, 2013


A short and sweet moment this week on the importance of measuring.  I, dear reader, coveted a vintage squirrel light for many moons whilst living in two different continents.

Every few months I would go online and see if my cherished squirrel was still available.  He was incredibly expensive and beyond reach given I was saving to move overseas at the time.

Once arriving in the land which held the squirrel I continued to visit him virtually often.

Then one spring he was gone.  Oh well I thought, it was not meant to be especially at that price.

A few months later out of the blue I decided to look at the site again.  For no particular reason as I did not need anything from it.

There he was and as part of the summer sale he was half price.  It was still a significant amount of money but soon I was turning 30 and with no significant other to spoil me this was it.

I contacted the company and arranged a payment plan over four months.

At no point did I look at the fine detail of the squirrel including the size!

When it was delivered it was a shock as he is nearly as tall as me but I love him anyway.  I even painted the wall behind him to make him stand out.

So dear reader a tip, measure first or at least look at the measurements online!!!

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