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April 14, 2013

Whilst talking to S at work recently about our trips abroad, not so many that we can boast access to lounges but enough to make us weary of those unable to remove their belts in a timely manner at security, she mentioned a little tip.  Heathrow Terminal 5 is home to Gordon Ramsey Plane Food and they do pre packaged lunches to take on board.

This holds a lot of appeal for me, as the older I get the normal fussiness enviably is setting in.  I rarely have a meal on a plane to write home about and now some specific dietary requirements that mean if I can avoid eating the wrong things I will.

So to my delight I entered the Gordon Ramsey establishment and ordered my On Board Picnic lunchbox.  There are three courses included and each has four options.  To be fair I am calling this a lunch box but the options allow it to be suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner and can be ordered from 7am-9pm.

Once paid for (£12.95) I sat on their leather lounge and enjoyed some people watching including spying my boss looking a bit worse for wear amongst the crowd!  Ten minutes later I was presented with this delightful carry bag and like an air steward of the 1950’s made my way to my gate.  After comments from my boss and client of pure jealousy (!) I boarded keen to eat my supper.

It felt it only polite that I wait until everyone else was eating even though I was incredibly ravenous.  Finally the moment came where I rejected the airlines offering (a scrambled egg/sausage affair that announced it would hit you with 50% of your daily salt and fat intake) and tucked into my lunchbox.  I think the initial appeal is the pull of childhood and memories of my packed lunch initially made by my mother or father and then once I was deem old enough (secondary school) by myself.  Typically a sandwich, popper juice and a treat of some sort, supplemented from the age of 14 with canteen treats bought with babysitting money.

The GR lunchbox is cute and foil lined so everything had stayed cold inside.  Included also is a set of cutlery with a medium of the road napkin, not thick paper from a high end burger joint but equally not tissue thin like at the local Thai.

First course was a lovely Caeser Salad, very fresh and some of the best iceberg lettuce I have had.  Naturally there was a monster anchovy on top which laughed at my forgetfulness of their automatic inclusion into all caeser salads in the UK.  Any inclusion of anchovy in any meal should come with a warning on the menu!  Fortunately this one was laid out for all to see but be advised dear reader that these suckers can be lurking everywhere!  The part boiled egg was a little too runny and had leaked throughout the bag and onto other containers but all up very yummy.

For seconds I perhaps made an error of choosing and had selected the Roasted Hereford rump of beef with green salad and mustard.  Whilst very delicious I felt I had short changed myself with a double salad feast.  The mustards was incredibly strong and as I took a small taste I was glad to have only done that as the resulting heat through my mouth to my nasal passages made my eyes water.

My choice for the third course was fought between my good and bad sides.  Whilst I craved the chocolate and pecan brownie I overcame this and chose the English Cheese platter.  The hexagonal crackers were incredibly yummy and I ate these without any cheese accompaniment.  My blue cheese was delicious although the hard cheese had come off the edge of the block and had some dry areas.  The piece de resistance was the quince.  What is quince?  No idea but I am in love.  It was sooooo yummy!!  This with the Camembert was a match I could eat all day.

Overall this was a thoroughly enjoyable meal and I will be doing this again.

Tips – preorder this online as if you are rushing to the gate those ten minutes to put the lunchbox together can seem ages!

What could GR do better? A handwipe would be much appreciated or another napkin.  And a bottle of water.  I just got to my gate in time and had lost any change to purchase this on the way.  Perhaps a surprise treat or a little note just like when mum and dad made our lunch!

All in all S was right and in her words ‘I def rate it!’.

Love PF xxoo

I purchased this myself and was not paid to review the product.  
View it online here

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